The WTB System sp. z o.o. sp. k. construction company has been spun off from a group of companies operating in the ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) sector. Over the last decade we have consistently broadened the scope and increased the scale of our projects in the construction industry. Initially, execution of general construction works resulted from out Investors’ requirements for comprehensive execution of all project aspects. Currently, the scope of projects in the construction industry, conducted by us as both a developer and a General Contractor, has resulted in the formation of a new company. WTB System combines many years of experience and skills acquired in the most demanding construction sectors. Due to our long-term cooperation with our proven and demanding Investors, we have taken it upon ourselves to optimize processes and construction services, aiming to offer reliability, quality and timeliness at a reasonable price.


  • comprehensive construction of residential buildings and public facilities as a General Contractor or Project Manager
  • renovations and upgrades of office, shopping and food preparation facilities in accordance with the customer’s standards
  • full range of construction services, such as: excavation, transport services, foundation work, building shell work, roofing and façade work, interior installations, HVAC and finishing
  • supply and delivery of building, installation and finishing materials necessary to complete the investment, as well as organization of supporting facilities
  • advice at the project preparation stage and during its execution
  • customer service throughout Poland